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Markus Hartel

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  1. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2605.jpg

  2. Shoppers Motion Study

    Shopping motion study

  3. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2598.jpg

  4. White Dress Motion Study

    Pedestrians on 34th Street

  5. Subway Stairs Motion Study

    Commuters exiting and entering a subway station

  6. Rush Hour Color Motion Study

    Crowd of people entering and exiting a subway station

  7. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2584.jpg

  8. 34th Street Motion Blur

    Pedestrians 34th street motion blur

  9. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2576.jpg

  10. Herald Square Motion Study

    Blurry pedestrians at Herald Square

  11. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2569.jpg

  12. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2568.jpg

  13. Pretzel Stand Motion Blur

    Street scene, motion study of pedestrians passing by a pretzel stand

  14. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2561.jpg

  15. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2560.jpg

  16. markus-hartel-street-photography-SDIM2558.jpg